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Your Travel Journey Starts Here

Meeting with Clients

With our initial consultation, we  will discuss the destinations you want to go and why it's important to build an itinerary that suits your travel style. 

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After the consultation, we begin customizing travel options from air, hotel, cruises, tours, transfers, private experiences, and insurance options to provide you with the perfect itinerary.


With the finalized itinerary, it’s time to book your trip. Before you depart, we provide you with all of the information you need, from insurance and documentation to dining reservations, so that your travel experience will be smooth. 


About Journey Travel

Jene'e Bearden

President & Owner of Journey Travel. 


My passion for discovery was ignited at a very young age. The journey to book a vacation should be as thrilling as the trip itself. At Journey Travel, we sift through the chaos, handpicking each aspect of your trip for a seamless experience.

Skip the stress of travel planning—whether you're yearning for the soothing ripples of a Danube River cruise, the camaraderie of an escorted group trip, or the freedom of a solo European quest. Let me do the work for you. And if something goes awry, we are here to help.


With Journey Travel, set forth with confidence. Your next great adventure awaits,

and I'm here to ensure it's nothing short of expectations. Let’s make your next vacation unforgettable.


Kathy Pettibon


Hello! My name is Kathy Pettibon and I am thrilled to be a part of the Journey Travel team.


My adventures in travel began in 1977 while I was in college. My family took an extended trip to Greece to take our grandmother back to her homeland to visit. I realized then that my heart was in absorbing the cultures of the world!

I started in Seattle as an advisor then moved to Tacoma and worked for an agency that built River cruise packages on the Rhine, Danube and Mosel Rivers when it was still a new way to travel. From there I moved to another full-service agency where I would continue for another 20 years planning any vacation request that came my way.

Europe has always been my favorite destination but the cultures of the world intrigue me equally.

The idea of planning vacations for others has never been work for me. I love making dreams come true! I will plan your trip from beginning to end to suit your budget and ideas as if it were my own.

Please join us on any of the escorted tours we offer or let me relieve your stress and plan your custom vacation. Either way, I promise to make it the best vacation for you! 

Kim Scheidt

Hi! My name is Kim Scheidt, and I am the newest member of the Journey Travel family. I started in the travel industry in the late 70’s, but my love for travel began before then. As a child I would send away for the travel brochures in the back of Sunset magazines. Remember those?

My parents had a love for travel, and we would travel the US in our motor home. Later, I attended a travel course in Washington state, and got a job working for Princess Tours for the summer in Fairbanks, Alaska. There I met my husband and ended up moving to California. I worked in corporate and group travel for American Express in San Francisco before starting a family and leaving the travel industry.

My next career was teaching 5th grade, which I loved! During that time, I started a succulent plant design business with my daughter and retired from teaching. After several years of working too hard at that business, I retired from that, but found that I needed something to do. I met Jene’e on a trip to Iceland and decided that going back into the travel business would be an interesting change… and it has been! I have travelled to all continents but Antarctica and would love to help you with your next adventure!


Holly Walker

Hi!  I’m Holly Walker.

I’ve been with Journey Travel since 2017.  I began my career in travel in 1994, working for the agency, formerly known as Durney Travel.  Starting as a receptionist, I worked my way into a Travel Agent position & I was fortunate to get some in-depth training under my belt. When I learned I was expecting, I changed paths for a bit.  I went back to school & worked as a pharmacy technician for almost 20 years.  Now I’m back to the fun stuff.

I’ve always been fascinated by faraway places.  My grandparents traveled the world when I was growing up & we would spend hours watching the slide shows of the adventures they had.  I always knew I was destined for those same adventures.  While I’m not adventuring as extensively as they did, I truly enjoy facilitating those adventures for others. 

I work with Sportsman’s Cove Lodge, a fishing lodge on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska, facilitating travel for their guests.  I had the privilege of being a guest at the lodge in 2021 & let me tell you, it was better than I could’ve ever imagined.  The staff is top notch & the fishing is incredible.  It’s an experience that everyone should have at least once.

I work extensively with our commercial clients and leisure travelers to ensure they have the best experience possible.