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Updated: Apr 25

Planning ahead and having a vacation to look forward to is always an exciting time, so imagine how exciting it would be if your vacation were part of a once-every-ten-years event.

What is the Floriade

Every ten years, the Netherlands hosts Floriade, an international exhibition and garden festival. The festival runs from April to October and features extravagant displays of colorful bulbs that not only blanket the ground but are also integrated into sculptures and other artistic features. If you have ever considered planning a trip to the Netherlands or cruising down the Rhine River, 2022 is your year to go, and the time to start planning is now.

Where You Will Go

Your journey down the Rhine will begin in Amsterdam, where you will have ample time to explore the city and visit the flourishing flower displays at the Floriade. In addition, your cruise will take you down the scenic river and through some of the most famous and beautiful cities in Europe. From Amsterdam, your river cruise will take down the Rhine and include parts of the Main and Danube Rivers as you make your way through Germany, Austria, and Slovakia before ending in Hungary.

What You Will See

The Rhine River is one of the most historic rivers in Europe, which means its shores are studded with quaint villages, medieval castles, rolling countryside, and capital cities. Your cruise will stop in Cologne, where you can explore the city’s famous gothic-style cathedral and marvel at the impressive architecture. A little further down the river, you will stop in the Bavarian City of Nuremberg, where you can learn more about German history and heritage.

As you make your way into Austria, get excited to visit Salzburg and Vienna. Both have strong ties to Mozart and exude an undeniable elegance. Stroll through the charming streets, shop at the local markets, and enjoy exquisite cuisine during your Austrian shore excursions. Your journey down the Rhine River will conclude in Budapest, where you will sail past the iconic parliament building. Sitting on the river’s edge like the crown jewel, a tour of the Hungarian parliament building is the perfect send-off after an epic European adventure.

A cruise down the Rhine River is always an excellent idea for a vacation, but there is truly no better time to go than during the Floriade festival. Don’t miss your chance to experience this event before it’s over. Contact me today about booking your trip.

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