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Updated: Apr 25

Waking up each morning with a new view and an exciting adventure ahead is one of the many reasons why we love cruises. Whether you are in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, the reach of a cruise can seem endless. However, with big ships come some limitations. They need deepwater ports or tenders to allow access to the mainland. If you seek easy access to unique destinations, it might be time to consider cruising on a smaller ship.

Small ships still offer the same amenities as large ships, along with excellent service, a more intimate cruising experience, and unparalleled access to more destinations. I’ve rounded up our top destination for small ship cruises to get you close to all the action.


Enjoy Alaska at your fingertips when you cruise through the pristine wilderness on a small ship cruise. Explore further into fjords than the large ships and get up close and personal with a glacier in Glacier Bay during your cruise. Sail around the many islands of the Inside Passage and enjoy shore excursions to see cascading waterfalls and spot wildlife like bears, moose, and seals.


The Greek Islands have long been a favorite destination for cruises, both large and small. For travelers who want to scale beyond the shores of Santorini and Mykonos and explore hidden beaches on quieter islands, a small ship is just the ticket you need. Discover beautiful cliff-side beaches, peaceful lagoons, and panoramic sunset views when you island-hop around Greece.

Galapagos Islands

If you are craving the ultimate small ship adventure, set sail for the Galapagos Islands. This 21-island archipelago made famous by Charles Darwin is known for its indigenous species such as the Galapagos tortoises and marine iguanas. Snorkel with penguins and sea lions and discover the charming villages on the island of Santa Cruz when you cruise through the Galapagos.

The Caribbean

I know what you might be thinking – the Caribbean is a hub for large cruise ships! If you are ready to explore a new side of the Caribbean with unique ports and fewer crowds, then hop on a smaller ship. The shallow waters surrounding the Caribbean islands limit the access of large cruise ships. This means they can only visit certain places, leaving the rest of the islands virtually untouched!

Small cruise ships afford you the luxury of going where no large cruise ship has ever gone before. Visit ancient harbors and remote islands, all from the comfort of a beautiful stateroom for your next vacation. If you have questions about small ship cruising or are ready to book your trip, contact me today!

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